28-Jul-2010 17:31

Twitter - would you pay for it?

Twitter has its uses as do many other sites, applications and services.

As a social network and microblogging service it is probably currently amongst the easiest, simplest and best way to inform share & discover what's happening now.

& importantly, at the moment, it's totally free....

If (& a big 'if') Twitter were to decide to levy any fees, charges or subs, I believe it would simply disappear - and swiftly too.

Would you pay to use Twitter or to receive Tweets?

Let us know...

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Contributed by Georgina Williams on 29-Jul-2010 11:55
Absolutely not...
waste of everyone's time!
Contributed by Paul May on 29-Jul-2010 11:29
Yea... if it showed a monetary return I'd pay for it.

Question is - would it? ;-)
Contributed by Anon on 28-Jul-2010 18:12
In a word - ''NO!''
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