11-Feb-2011 12:34

Should we worry? AreSmartphone Viruses Increasing?

Recent McAfee reports towards the end of 2010 reveal that as more people use mobile handsets and Smartphones to access the internet, viral attacks on smart-phone devices are increasing and may become more prevalent.

Apparently, malware attacks designed to collect or phish data from iPhones and new tablet computers rose by over 45% in 2010 over 2009.

With the heavy promotion and sales of new Smartphones and iPads, new Apps & programmes, crooks and fraudsters are beginning to write fresh hacking software to replicate laptop and PC scams…

The threat is still relatively small in comparism - about one thousand threats to mobiles per annum against fifty-five thousand ‘daily’ malware threats to PCs worldwide.

It seems that most malware attacks targeting Smartphones proliferate via PDFs and Flash software although, and thankfully, the actual numbers of infections to Smartphones currently remain relatively small.

However, you have been warned…


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