18-Feb-2011 09:29

Are you giving away too much personal info & data?

Many are, in 2011, rather blasé about passing on lots of personal information.
Information and data that most retailers, Social Media and online networking outfits, banks and credit card providers can do almost anything they wish with - forever, and we can't really stop them.

It is also becoming increasingly tough to delete our accounts - only to deactivate them.

…and in many recent UK surveys the consensus has been that most of us oppose ID cards as an invasion of our privacy, a hit on social freedom…

So why, do we voluntarily give away so much information on sites like Facebook & Twitter...?

Admittedly much of our private info is already "out there" in cyber world, but until fairly recently there was little centralisation hooking it all together.

Are we becoming less aware, or even more importantly less caring, that we have no control over who can access our information once it is entered into 'the system'?

Remember, once you give it away, is may be impossible to change your mind, reverse that decision and try to delete it. The information you provide including pictures, photos, comments and conversations are permanently stored.

Your comments would be appreciated….

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Contributed by Zara Lockwood on 19-Feb-2011 19:24
A relative told me I am currently still on a will of someone who changes their mind every 5 minutes via facebook, I am happy for that to be confirmed in public, I hate money,it's used as a weapon, and having mini Murdoch's in the family circle drives me nuts, waving the darn stuff around, reminding me I'm finanically impotent / of lower status in society compared to them. Keep your enemies closer still and all that, I don't fail on that test!
Contributed by Fay Olinsky on 18-Feb-2011 09:32
Well we only have ourselves to blame for this and don't think it wouldn't already has!
If anyone has had a sales call from Southern Electric offering to take over your phone account for a third less per quarter with a £40.00 bonus chucked in you'll know what I mean. At present there is more human intervention involved and they make mistakes thank goodness...i.e they give you your bank details and then send you a form with the wrong bank ... ooops!

Why do we let systems control, manipulate and categorize us?

Have we all lost our minds?

Stop the World I want to get off.....


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Contributed by Jayne Albiston on 18-Feb-2011 09:32
I think there is so much personal information and data being collected on us every time we purchase, travel, work, move etc that any information that we can put out there that is truly correct is at least our own version and at least gives others the opportunity to know the real us (or at least the us we create or choose to portray for social media).
I agree with Michael that perhaps it is best to put it all out there (within reason - and the definition of within reason would of course differ from person to person).
To be honest, the video might not actually be such a bad thing - it is advice that we can choose to take heed of if we want to. It is as you say Norman, the centralisation of information that is actually presently being collected on us anyway.
Surely one would only be truly concerned if one had something to hide?
I for one am careful about what I post or put online about myself. Every time I post I do it with the knowledge that absolutely anyone who truly wants to can access it for all time.
Perhaps for those who value their privacy more than I do, it is a greater issue? There are those of us who are perhaps more social creatures and who do not have such an issue with our information being centralised online. For some it might even be viewed as convenient?
There are however consequences that one might bring up such as the growing ability for crime rings or authorities to narrow down on certain social groups, ethnicities or cohorts for the purpose of imposing unethical or even immoral regulations on them but in the big picture, the possibility of personal information being utilised by social or political deviants has always existed has it not?
Is this not just a 2011 version of the debate that went on around George Orwell and 1984?
Contributed by Michael Heaney on 18-Feb-2011 09:30
but just how fast can they deliver.

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi codenamed Curveball by German and American intelligence officials who dealt with his claims, has told the Guardian that he fabricated tales of mobile bioweapons trucks and clandestine factories in an attempt to bring down the Saddam Hussein regime, from which he had fled in 1995.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are now dead because our Governments believe this liar

Everything on Facebook is equally reliable

So any decisions made, based on such blatently unreliable sources deserves to be treated with contempt

and furthermore

People have successfully sued companies for not hiring them because, prior to the interview, the company HR people had "checked them out" on the internet and therfore could not prove that they did not make an unbiased judgement solely on the cv and interview.

So get smart . put it all out there.....then you are invulnerable.

Michael Heaney
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