22-Feb-2011 15:50

Dominated or Liberated? Please let us know...

As we know the uptake and sales of Smartphones has been nothing short of remarkable..
Famously, a major milestone was reached in the last quarter of 2010, with shipments of Smartphones for the first time outshining those of PCs.

However, are we also becoming increasingly dominated by our Smartphones?

How many of us can honestly admit to not continually checking emails, sending 'instant BBM's and assorted messages & texts..

Who amongst us cannot resist - even after hours, at home or at formal occasions - using our handsets to go online, Tweet, check Ecademy blogs & comments, LinkedIn updates and Facebook posts?

Recent reports have shown that Smartphone users spend over 2.5 times l long checking emails outside working hours compared to those without Smartphones.

The rather fast penetration of Smartphones into our lives has taken place without the establishment of any social norms, established behaviour or recognised usage parameters.

Is it time to acknowledge that this abnormal over-use and the almost hypnotic dominance Smartphones are having over many, may lead to important consequences for productivity at work, work-life balances and leadership performance?

With Smartphone technology no longer the status symbol of senior management in large organizations, the wealthy or the techies, we may all be at serious risk of overdoing it?

So, is your level of Smartphone usage dominating your life outside office hours, is your social life increasingly affected by the over-reliance of these new handset technology and has your partner, child or drinking mate complained yet?

Please let us know….


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Contributed by Shelley Fishel on 23-Feb-2011 09:39

I agree with Dinah although my husband thinks I use my BB far too much. However if I am out of the office delivering training it means that there are no surprises waiting for me when I get home. I am free to deal with the important stuff as I already know what has been coming in and can leave the other things to later.

Shame Vodafone is so expensive when abroad, am in Toronto right now, and have to rely on internet access after work to check what has been happening Makes a difference!


Shelley Fishel
The Training Surgery Limited
Gold Accredited Training Provider with The Institute of IT Training
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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 22-Feb-2011 17:35
Let me know (PM me if preferred) and I can ask my chaps the relevant benefits...

Contributed by Gordon Wheaton on 22-Feb-2011 17:34
I am actually just about to buy myself an IPhone Norman. Just trying to decide whether to get the IPhone 4 or a cheaper model


Contributed by Norman Feiner on 22-Feb-2011 17:34
Hi Dinah - you may be one of the lucky ones...

I was at Heathrow T5 late Sunday evening awaiting an arriving passenger, and looking around the lounge area it seemed to me that the 'art of conversation' and 'social interaction' had been lost by the overwhelming majority seated and 'Smartphoning'.. (could that be a new verb?)

Mind you, for the survival of many relationships, Smartphone handsets may actually be a godsend…

Contributed by Dinah Liversidge on 22-Feb-2011 17:33
Hi Norman

Great question - and for me the answer is Liberated! I have spent many years working in roles that involve a large number of out-of-office meetings and this means returning to the office at the end of long days. Since I befriended my iphone last year, I feel totally liberated. I can read my emails during breaks and on the journey home (if I'm not driving of course!) and can keep up with my social media from my arm-chair in the evening, rather than at my desk.
I may have developed an addiction - but it is a positive one.

Dinah Liversidge
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