01-Mar-2011 12:57

Mobile Rage? Are you a sufferer or contributor?

The rapid growth of mobile phone technology has made communication and accessibility far easier than ever before…

Inevitably, it's has also driven many towards a gradual reduction in mobile etiquette.

A fairly recent Intel survey in the US seems to confirm that the lack of 'mobile manners' has created a new mode of public rage or should we coin it "Mobile Rage"?

The widespread use of mobile phones, Smartphones, Tablets & iPhones whilst driving, in the cinema, eating in a restaurant, in a public place, texting on the move or simply loud in discussion with mates in a public bathroom would appear to many to be a real "misuse" of mobile technology & lack of mobile etiquette.

The recent Intel survey of the 2,000 respondents showed that 90% of American adults claimed they are victims of poor mobile technology. Surprisingly, and perhaps stubbornly, only 19% of the respondents themselves believed they themselves had poor mobile habits!

Until just a few years ago, mobile phones were considered to be a luxury item.

Now, they are apparently a necessity for most and an addiction for a few….

Surveys also show that over 20% (and the surveys did NOT include teenagers, wow!) admit to checking their mobilephones, BBMs and emails even before getting out of bed first thing in the morning.

Regrettably, the loss of 'mobile propriety' in modern 2011 society is now accepted as a reality.
Most of us undoubtedly believe that inaction & turning a blind eye (or should I say 'a deaf ear') may be the simplest, if not the optimum, way to deal with this problem.

Does our growing demand to be incessantly connected and online give us the freedom to abuse the technology, reduce degrees of etiquette, & resort to 'mobile-rage'?

I think not!

Personally, I must admit to being one of those early morning email & text checkers and I am known to take calls during meals and in company.. but I do make a conscious effort not to disrupt others too…

Perhaps the simple answer is to recognise that technology and mobile services are an enormous & admirable boon to all of us, but awareness towards neighbours and the recognition of others' privacy must remain of paramount importance too.

What do you think?

Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.


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Contributed by Zara Lockwood on 02-Mar-2011 09:50
mobile and tv should be switched off when, meeting, eating or 'up to things' in bed. end of!

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Contributed by Amanda Vlahakis on 01-Mar-2011 15:06
I don't know, they seemed to be able to hear and talk when they came to try chat my friend and I up after becoming bored of their Metal Friends ;-)

Contributed by Norman Feiner on 01-Mar-2011 14:45
It is 'Elementary my dear Amanda.'

You have to see the bigger picture….

I reckon the Valentine couple were (obviously unhappy in each others' company) feverishly awaiting Valentine messages from other flames...

…and the men in the pub were deaf mutes and were obviously having an intellectual argument by text or BBM - sadly being unable to communicate verbally…

It's all there if you look closely enough, Amanda..

Contributed by Amanda Vlahakis on 01-Mar-2011 14:35
I like my phone, and I use it a fair amount, but I won't take phone calls whilst socialising with friends and family or with a partner. I simply ignore the call and call them back later or the next day.

On Valentines evening I sat in the pub surrounded by about four different couples. One man was checking his mobile phone for quite a length of time, and then I saw his lady do the same.

One evening a week or so before this I saw two men out at a pub together. I saw both spent pretty much an entire hour on their mobile phones totally ignoring each other.

It's out of control for many.

Contributed by Hannah Liversidge on 01-Mar-2011 13:54
Many a time has the same conversation been overheard!
I heard about a man's recent activity with a partner, and it was rather...descriptive!

Hannah Liversidge
Amethyst PA
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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 01-Mar-2011 13:34
Thanks for your comment Hannah.

The problem is often exacerbated by rather rude & unthinking individuals loudly discussing the intimacies of their private lives to all and sundry in public areas..

Unhappily I recently learned all about a 'mature' lady's intimate waxing session...

My initial amusement was soon replaced with horror upon hearing of the minutiae of her bodily excavations and my salt-beef sandwich ended up in the nearest bin!
Contributed by Hannah Liversidge on 01-Mar-2011 13:25
Hi Norman,

I totally agree with the mis-use of mobile technology, especially now that phones have the ability to go online. I was in a restaurant recently and I looked around (I'm a bit of a people-watcher!) and noticed a couple, on what appeared to be an intimate date, and one of them was on his mobile phone appearing to be using it for social use! Not the correct etiquette to perform whilst having an evening with a partner!

I do, however, keep my phone next to my bed and I do check it before I get up!

Warm regards and great blog,

Hannah Liversidge
Amethyst PA
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