22-Mar-2011 21:04

BT Raising Prices Again!

Once again British Telecom has announced that in April 2011 call charges will be increased by 9%, following a 10% rise, six months ago in October 2010.

At a time of ever increasing hardship, economic stagnation or worse and job losses all around us, over twelve million residential clients will be affected by this BT price increase…

So, it begs the obvious question - why is BT doing this?

It is common knowledge that BT’s revenues are shrinking, viable competition is growing & so BT’s profits are getting squeezed.

As an example, SimplyFone are a relative minnow compare to the behemoth that BT has become, yet SimplyFone are growing strongly and daily winning clients – both commercial & home users – from BT.

Translated through the industry this means pretty heavy churn levels suffered by BT.

SimplyFone & others are directly targeting BT’s customers by offering improved and reduced line rental charges and lower call rates.

In addition SimplyFone do not have any time-related contracts, charge most call per second without any connection or set-up fees and these USPs are becoming rather attractive to many fixed-liner phone users…

Look us up at: – you may be very pleasantly surprised!

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