29-Jul-2010 14:39

Does your website attract hits?

The finest website with the most spectacular design and the prettiest baners will not attract visitors or create new business if people are unaware your website exists.

Companies which specialise in web optimisation, SEO & Google rankings can advise you how to benefit fro your ‘site to make potential visitors aware of your products and services.

Many companies offering these services can be found online, but be careful, as some have far better success rates than others.

There are specific skills in getting your 'site noticed and pushing it up the rankings of internet search engines using carefully selected keywords, links and search engine optimisation techniques.

A decent SEO company could help you enormously; a mediocre company may waste time, effort, and importantly, YOUR money…

Choose wisely, check out any referred companies & you should see increasing success.

Best of luck!

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Contributed by Harold Neames on 05-Aug-2010 23:17
All true.

There are lots of tricks to help and many good SEO specialists online to assist.
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