07-Apr-2011 14:15

Why Compare Broadband Providers?

Why take the time and bother to compare broadband provides?
Surely all broadband providers essentially achieve the same service?

Many mistakenly assume that all providers offer very similar services at approximately the same price.

However, it does makes sense to be aware of what you may be getting before you sign up & agree to a service.

Importantly it may be worthwhile to check possible download/upload speeds.

If you want to go online to watch films, download music, spend hours online researching or generally spending much download time, doing an efficient speed test will make a real difference.

Some broadband providers allow web space while others do not, others include free virus protection software, which could save you money annually..

So, is there an ideal way to conduct a broadband comparison?

The best way to begin your broadband comparison may be to compile a detailed list of your requirements and needs from a broadband provider. When you have your lists you will be then be better prepared to research potential providers and ask searching questions to establish who come closest to your expectations.

It is unlikely that you will find any one service provider that meets all of your expectations. You may need to choose, compare and decide what services are most important to you and choose accordingly...

So next time you are considering moving Broadband suppliers, & instead of choosing a provider purely on speculation, you will be better placed to make an informed decision based on research and comparison.

Rarely would you choose a fresh mobile phone contract or a upgraded TV package without first fully checking all the advantages and the terms and conditions so why do so with your broadband provider.

Failure to select the right broadband provider could prove expensive and an unhappy experience.. & once signed onto a new contract, early-exit charges and penalties may prove prohibitive if you ‘want out’.

Research thoroughly, choose carefully and you should be fine - best of luck…

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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 07-Apr-2011 15:16
Well Stuarte - firstly, ensure you are not in a time-related product...

You could start by transferring the BT telephony to us and certainly save a few bob :-)

If interested, hit me with a PM and I'd be happy to send details...

Contributed by Stuarte Harris on 07-Apr-2011 15:15
We have PlusNet BB, BT telephony and Sky TV. Looking for package that cuts out £60 pcm BB and telephone costs by at least 50%. Confusing.
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 07-Apr-2011 14:41
Valid point Graeme.
Contributed by Graeme Spice on 07-Apr-2011 14:40

From experience for very high speed Broadband connections some of the speed test sites can give poor results due to them using too small a file size and/or the server not handling the throughput. this will skew their results and might lead to a misinformed purchase decision.


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