12-Apr-2011 18:41

Oh dear! BT cabling waste found dumped in woodland

Waste including telephone cabling belonging to telecoms giant BT has been found dumped in green & pleasant woodlands near the beautiful Moray village of Brodie.

White bags clearly marked BT and with BT logos had allegedly been thrown into the undergrowth..

The unsightly find was made by a local Brodie resident when he drove into a single-track side road lay-by 200 yards off the A96 Inverness to Aberdeen road.

The resident said that it looked like a BT engineer must have stopped in the layby and has had a clear-out of the back of his van.

He added that he believed BT must have a recycling policy for dealing with surplus copper-cored cable.

BT yesterday maintained that the culprit could not be one of its employees.

A BT spokesman said: “This material would certainly not have been dumped by a BT or an Openreach engineer as we have a strict waste disposal policy and all our cabling is recycled. However, I am aware that we have had contractors working on our behalf in the Brodie area and we will investigate the matter with them.”

BT added,
“We are also taking steps to have the site cleared of all the debris”.

Hmmm… What are your thoughts - innocent or......?

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Contributed by Zara Lockwood on 13-Apr-2011 21:41
BT man could have been having lunch in his van (never get BT woman do we ?!) forgot to lock back door.
Copper thief breaks in back, grabs cable, dumps in wood 'safe spot' to go and pick up later - robbers and drug dealers do this on tv...
Contributed by Maurice Watts on 13-Apr-2011 11:22
Easy - publicise where it is it'll get nicked and recycled in hours!
Contributed by Andrew Crook on 13-Apr-2011 11:22
why didn't they sell it, that cable is worth a lot as scrap that's why thieves haven been breaking into junction boxes ripping it out.
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