29-Jul-2010 17:00

Facebook or Users - Who is more irresponsible?

Noticed an article on that a chap Ron Bowes, an online security consultant, has posted the personal details of 100 million Facebook users online (Pirate Bay 'site) in a downloadable file....

Apparently, Facebook has downplayed the issue, saying that no private data had been compromised.

OK - my question is: who is more irresponsible or responsible?
Facebook, this chap Ron Bowes or the Facebook Users who randomly supply details - private or otherwise - to the entire world…?

Shouldn't people be a touch more reticent before so loquaciously letting us all know almost everything about themselves..

Aren't they/we all surely asking for trouble?
Or is any information published in the 'public domain' truly 'public'?

It all sound terribly worrying to me - or am I being terribly old-fashioned, stuffy & typically British?

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Contributed by Karinthia on 05-Aug-2011 01:35
Mighty useful. Make no misakte, I appreciate it.
Contributed by Nick Braak on 02-Aug-2010 22:28
I was alerted to this issue and obtained the file on the first day.

There is no cause for alarm.

All the data was already voluntarily made public, though not everyone knew it.
Contributed by Benita Cegarra on 29-Jul-2010 22:15
Check update: Interestingly, I discovered that there are new privacy settings on Facebook and the default is "everyone" until you change it. I have now changed mine. Unfortunately, you cannot choose not to publish what they deem to be your "basic information" and not providing it makes no sense for the people you want to be able to find you.

Given this, I think it's Facebook's responsibility to protect our privacy within their site.

Benita Cegarra
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Contributed by Benita Cegarra on 29-Jul-2010 22:14

I think that you are being reasonably cautious and that it's justified.

After much hesitation, I eventually joined Facebook as I was getting invitations from my friends (old and new). Despite being careful about what I write and the information I have provided, I admit to feeling very uneasy about the site's attitude to privacy. I regularly check the different permissions to ensure that they have not been changed without my knowledge.

I also regularly google my name to see what information is out there - that's usually interesting and sometimes alarming, especially when I discovered my 2002 Electoral Roll entry available online despite having ticked the box which told the local council that I did not give them permission to publish it!

Are we as users being irresponsible? I think some are - I am regularly amazed at what details people publish on Facebook - but not all. However, I do think that all on-line communities have a responsibility to their members and not all of them take this responsibility seriously, particularly Facebook.

I'm now off to re-check my profile on Facebook!

Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend.

Benita Cegarra
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