28-Apr-2011 10:48

Happy 5th Birthday Twitter - Are you Involved?

I recently read an article that mentioned that 21st March 2011 marked Twitter's fifth birthday.

Yep, 5 years ago on the 21st March, Jack Dorsey supposedly sent the world’s first ever ‘Tweet’ & Twitter was born…

(It would be rather interesting to know who was the first ever ‘recipient’ of that famous tweet but that’s probably another story and a fresh blog)

Twitter has certainly grown up since then.

Although millions of personal and business users tweet constantly & many thousands join daily, millions still do not seem to quite ‘get it’.

Are they missing something or are the cynics correct and Twitter will ultimately prove to be just another fad that will in time fade into distant memories?

Twitter promotional departments are certainly delighted to push the Twitter success story & to celebrate their 5th birthday they emphasised the astounding Twitter growth & on their blog by publishing some key data.

Some of the more astonishing statistics show that:

• The billionth tweet was sent after three years, two months and one day. In April 2011 Twitter users pass a billion tweets weekly!

• In 2010, members sent 50 million tweets a day. The average now is 140 million a day and on March 11th 2011, 177 million comments were tweeted!

• 456 tweets per second were sent following the news in 2009 of Michael Jackson’s death. That record was broken New Year’s Day 2011 with 6,939 tweets per second.

• 572,000 new Twitter accounts were created on March 12th 2011 alone & on average 460,000 new accounts were created daily in February 2011.

• Tweets directly from mobile handsets increased 182% in the past year.

Whilst the jury may still be out for you with regards to your personal or business activity on Twitter, these remarkable figures show it just might be worth working out what this exposure may mean for you, your business, and crucially, your clients!

And for those out there who are involved & Twitter-friendly, please feel free to ‘Follow Us’ on Twitter at:


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Contributed by George Artz on 28-Apr-2011 12:19
Yes, I am on Twitter and Tweet a little most days if not all as well as retweet and comment on a few tweets, especially funny ones!
Contributed by Roger Vanstone on 28-Apr-2011 11:18
I twitter and yes it's different and it works.

What is the next thing I wonder?


Roger V

"Sharing the risk of recruiting"
Contributed by Lilach Bullock on 28-Apr-2011 11:16
I love Twitter, have met so many lovely peeps on there, and of course it's been fabulous for my business.
Such a simple clever tool and a great way to interact with others whilst promoting your brand.
Contributed by Steven Healey on 28-Apr-2011 11:15
I am indeed involved.

Twitter has changed the way we communicate online
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