05-May-2011 23:24

Is Social Media Valid for SMEs?

We’ve all heard the buzz about Social Media creating a level playing field for smaller businesses but may I raise a question that may not get that much attention…

Can small businesses effectively embrace social media & if yes, how?

Many small businesses try to promote themselves in various ways including social media but time may be a limiting factor…

In a small enterprise it can be challenging finding the time for social media & of course there’s the issue of selecting the most relevant social media platform and effectively promoting yourself and your business.

These are major issues and worries for small business owners who have so much else to worry about.

Assuming a small business does embrace a specific social media service – perhaps Twitter or Facebook, they have to work out how much and what kind of content to push online & they have to do it on a regular basis to ensure their social media activities are going to gain a foothold & progress.
The bottom line is that success on social media may involve much time and effort.

This is a challenge for any company; particularly small business owners who never seem to have enough time or resources for operate the business.

For small businesses, however, that do commit themselves to making social media ‘happen’, the benefits can be significant.

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