06-May-2011 09:41

Friday's exercise in banality...

Go on then… Friday's exercise in banality:

What is the best Sales Advice you can offer us? (in 15 words or less)

Here's one to start you off:
"Be honest, be prepared, be competitive, be punctual, listen well & always follow up… "


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Contributed by William Buist on 08-May-2011 00:20
All product marketing should be BANAL:
Needs based
Contributed by Andrew Field on 06-May-2011 14:12
The best sales advice I can give to you, I being a perceived prospect, is:

I'll call you.....
Contributed by Fergus McClelland on 06-May-2011 11:22
Find out their want/needs before you speak!
Contributed by Abdul Ghafoor on 06-May-2011 11:21
Always offer a solution not just a product or service... Solution approach requires lot of thinking and planning and packaging before sales meeting...
Contributed by Brendon Mitchell on 06-May-2011 11:09
Be sensitive to customers needs.
Ask permission based questions to establish if there's a fit.......
Contributed by Adrian Higgs on 06-May-2011 11:00
Don't sell.
Help your prospect to buy.
Contributed by Steve Waldron on 06-May-2011 10:58

Flog it and quick.
Contributed by Andrew Crook on 06-May-2011 10:43
Make sure your current customers are happy, word of mouth isn't just the biggest seller, it's the biggest killer.
Contributed by Lilach Bullock on 06-May-2011 10:43
over deliver, take action, be proactive, listen, stand out from the competition, be seen, be nice, be contactable
Contributed by John Amy on 06-May-2011 10:42
Make sure you have a good product in the first place. Make it stand out from its competitors by finding a USP. Make sure everything within your brand backs up this USP.
Contributed by Helen Stothard on 06-May-2011 10:42
Do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it and remember that your customers are a privilege not a god given right, don't do hard sell, but listen to what they actually want and need rather than telling them what you have to offer
Contributed by George Montgomery on 06-May-2011 10:04
Take action - always.
Contributed by Stephen Bray on 06-May-2011 10:04

Know the rules, watch the competition, and then innovate.
Contributed by Steve Hall on 06-May-2011 10:03
Always be available , always be closing and DO IT NOW!

Steve Hall
Contributed by Ty "Mac-Head" Tyson on 06-May-2011 10:02
Start with an excellent product that people, including you, will want, preferably need.


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