09-May-2011 10:28

How safe are your Facebook & Twitter updates?

Can you resist the temptation to continually update your friends, family and contact lists with your movements?

Do you let the world know where you are, where you’re going & when?

A recent study and research by the Co-operative Travel and Co-operative Insurance warns that burglars & the dishonest can rather easily find you and your home and offices addresses, within minutes, following an online posting of your travel plans, whereabouts and holiday updates...

Some of the messages studied included, ' we are packing our cases’, ‘the minicab is waiting outside’, ‘we are off to the airport’ and 'just landed at…'
A simple surname check and personal details cross-referenced with online address databases can show the location of your home in minutes.

Are you, your kids and partners so addicted to Social Media that you just cannot help but update your contact lists with the minutiae of your daily life, your profile updates and travel plans even when away from work, outside the home or even holidaying overseas?

A survey of 3,000 people threw up the chilling study that almost 55% of them had Facebook friends & Twitter followers that were unknown & unmet & unseen…

I strongly believe that percentage figure to be somewhat conservative and a quick straw poll in our SimplyFone offices showed that the percentage of unmet & unknown contacts & friends on all forms of Social Media was worryingly far higher than 50%..

It seems that when you travel on holiday, it is no longer sufficient just to cancel the newspaper and milk delivery, triple lock your doors and windows and set the lights on time-switches… but it is increasingly important to refrain from advertising your travel plans on your Twitter and Facebook pages & impress upon your children the seriousness of withholding this information too……

Enjoy a safe trip..

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Contributed by Solveigh Calderin on 09-May-2011 18:34
Would you go to your local market place and shout out there, where you go for holidays and when?

It's always and everywhere about the use of the given tools.
Not the tools or burglars are to blame, but the people, who don't think about, what they are doing...

First thinking and then doing is always good...
I'm out for a walk of about four hours... looool You may believe it - or not... Burglar, come here and prove it...

ORS doesn't mean to tell ALL about me and my life, in my book, but it just means to be Open to new knowledges/people/experiences (that does NOT mean to accept ALL people, etc.), Random in your knowledges/peoples/experiences (that does NOT mean to believe ALL, what you meet, but just to think about other's view of life and to go not only the old known paths, this is also named flexibility of thinking) and be also random in the places you appear and last but not least be Supportive to whom ever you meet and who ever may need your help.
Contributed by Gordon Wheaton on 09-May-2011 17:35

This is indeed one of the problems with Twitter


Contributed by Mike Turner on 09-May-2011 17:34
Hey your friend @michaelturner just checked in at #petsathome to buy food for his guard dogs

That'll get them ;-)
Contributed by Andrew Field on 09-May-2011 12:45
I believe it is so critical not to broadcast your movements in social networking platforms.

I do not want anyone to know my movements at the best of times, but if essential I would never convey these unless in direct messages or e-mail. There are more sinister reason for some of us not to broadcast our movements, well beyond the criminal aspects.
Big Brother is actually watching you every step of the way.
Contributed by Massimo Luciani on 09-May-2011 12:30
I read about some cases of people who wrote about their holidays on Facebook and Twitter then found that someone broke into their house and stole anything of value.

Too many people don't think that they're really writing to all the world!
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 09-May-2011 11:17
So even worse... The burglars arrive when you're actually back at home from hols or meets...
Best may be NOT to be too ORS with your personal life with those you may not be familiar or am I being far too old-fashioned?
Contributed by Nicola Gaughan on 09-May-2011 11:17
If you use Hootsuite you can schedule stuff
Contributed by John Amy on 09-May-2011 11:17
So you just stop telling people what you're doing?
That wouldn't work... too suspicious. If you want to go on holiday, for £500 a day I'll tweet on your behalf pretending you're mowing the lawn and making cups of tea at home etc.
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