12-May-2011 15:13

Phone bills suddenly too high? Tell Ofcom, or....

Ofcom is seeking ways to cut the number of unexpectedly telephone, mobile and broadband high bills..

With money tight, jobs being lost and the economy proving difficult, finally & perhaps long overdue, Ofcom has announced it is taking steps to prevent consumers from receiving unexpectedly high home phone, broadband or mobile bills.

The regulator is in the process of talking to the important members of the Telecoms Industry regarding the measures that are in place to prevent subscribers receiving high bills…

It also wants anyone who has ‘thinks’ they may have received a unusually high bill in the past year or so to be in touch & will consider taking action against offenders.

Most broadband, landline and mobile providers, packages & plans offer great value, but many consumers are still sadly being ‘hit’ by high bills through ignorance, mistake or error.

Ofcom research shows that up to 6% of UK consumers are paying far more than they bargained for on mobile phone bills, and 5% are still paying far too much for landline & fixed phone bills.

So, if you feel you are still paying too much on your home or business landline bills, either report it to Ofcom or better still call us today for an honest appraisal of your phone bills and let SimplyFone reduce your monthly phone outgoings…


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