17-May-2011 15:52

Cheap International Calls are welcome, but ....

Cheap International Calls & offers are welcome, but Sainsbury's 1p voucher is an insult…
SimplyFone offer International call rates from less than 1p and these are greeted with approval and used by 10,000’s of satisfied UK clients..

However, Sainsbury’s has been ridiculed by its customers on the supermarket chain's Facebook page after it gave away vouchers at its tills which offered them 1p off their next shop.

Customers described the vouchers which state, 'Enjoy 1p to spend on your next shop' as the "stingiest coupon ever".

"Thank you for this amazing generosity," one shopper wrote. "Though I must confess to feeling a little insulted. I kind of wish you hadn't bothered, I'm sure the printer ink cost more than 1p."

Some received vouchers with a 3p discount.
Another customer, who had received a coupon for 3p, said: "It's not even like it was a small shop, it's a bit of a kick in the teeth, really."

Sainsbury's, which reported pre-tax profits of £827 million last week, told The Grocer magazine that the coupons are issued at random and some customers may receive vouchers valued up to £100, but due to customer feedback it capped the minimum value at 10p.

Offers like SimpyFone’s low-cost, high quality call rates are great, but ridiculous deals like the current 1p Sainsbury’s offer is sadly a bit of a joke…

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Contributed by George Cooper on 23-May-2011 21:56
This was a rotten Sainbuery offer and a slap in face to loyal clients!

1p! D**n cheek & rubbish PR...

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