17-May-2011 18:31

Going on hols? Lower Roaming Charges with S-Fone

Do you use your UK mobile while you're traveling abroad?

Our Simply Travel SIM card will cut your International roaming costs!

Simply Travel SIM cards support low price, high quality calls to be made from your mobile handset while you're abroad.

You'll pay low rates to make & receive calls and in over 80 countries you can receive calls Free of charge.

Our great auto-recharge service means that you'll never run out of credit whilst overseas on holiday or business.
When your remaining credit drops to below £3, your Simply Travel SIM card will automatically re-credit itself via your supplied credit card with the amount agreed upon at registration...

& you can access data whilst abroad too…

It's so easy. Buy your Simply Travel SIM, install it in your mobile and you're ready to go!

• Low outgoing call rates
• FREE* or low incoming call rates
• Automatic recharge feature
• Voicemail

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Contributed by N. Porter on 23-May-2011 21:57
Very interesting - have used these SIMs before but your offer looks excellent - thanks

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