24-May-2011 09:59

Cheap International Calls - want to save money?

Many thousands still use BT to make international calls and if you are one of them, you are paying too much!

We decided to do a quick comparison, and if you are making international calls either from a landline or a mobile, you could save over 90% by using our cheap calls service.

The following comparisons are based on making calls using the standard BT package and making a daytime call:

Calling a Landline in India with BT will cost you 27.5p/min. Using SimplyFone, it is only 2p. That's a saving of over 92%.

Calling a Mobile in Poland with BT will cost you 54.5p/min. Using SimplyFone, it is only 5p. That's a saving of over 90%.

Calling a Mobile in Pakistan with BT will cost you 52p/min. Using SimplyFone, it is only 3p. That's a saving of over 94%.

To calculate possible savings in real terms:
Well on average, our customers make 5 calls every week using our Landline Services with an average call time of 10 minutes per call.

So weekly, if you used BT to make international calls, for example to India, it would cost you £13.75 per week. With SimplyFone it would cost you £1 per week which would save you £663 per year/every year…

So, with no loss of quality, no downsides and only for your benefit, why not try SimplyFone for all your international calls.

Using the service is easy:
Simply dial the access number & at the prompt, dial your full international number.
Couldn’t be simpler :)

…and the guaranteed savings you can make on international calls from your UK mobile are even greater..

C'mon - you know it makes sense!

The SimplyFone Team - "making calls affordable"

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