02-Aug-2010 16:13

Holidays! What holidays……?

For the past couple of years, with the kids now a little matured and tending to prefer spending Summer holidays with friends rather with their parents, my wife & I have taken our breaks towards the end of the Summer…

There are many benefits and one of them was the ability to enjoy a quieter, lazier, traffic-free and less frenetic London.

Generally, work was slower, phones calmer, commercial & business life became less hectic.

The frantic pace of life reduced & evenings seemed to arrive earlier & pleasant walks in the balmy evenings somehow took longer…

Not this Summer - so far!!

This year, albeit it is only very early August, the volume of work arriving is nuts…

Fresh clients are signing on to our telephone services, application forms are sitting in email inboxes in increasing quantities, new line-installation orders are excellent and enquiry levels are soaring…

I am truly thankful & grateful for all this additional business and know that extra enquiries, business & orders at any time are a bonus but does it all have to be done today - NOW!

What happened to good old-fashioned, leisurely, summertime mañana?

Relax guys…

Norman and gang will help you all to the best of their abilities but come on…!

Be Reasonable! ;-)

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Contributed by Ian Best on 03-Aug-2010 19:38
Yep. Have to agree. Our business (printing) is doing well too this summer. Could it be because everyone else has left town for the beach?
Contributed by Cornelis de Maijer on 02-Aug-2010 22:25
heheheheh that is what you get Norman with your low rates and great services...

You have be warned but you listened to some your stuck

Very happy for you that business is so well

Happy Sailing!
Cornelis de Maijer
Catch the Trade Winds in Your Sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Contributed by Norman F. on 02-Aug-2010 22:24
Yep, mebbe....

Conspiracy theories abound.

Truth be told, I enjoy my work so I'm a pretty happy bunny in the office too..
Contributed by Katie-Ellen Hazeldine on 02-Aug-2010 22:24
Maybe it's a plot...

'They' don't WANT you to have a holiday, Norman!
Contributed by Benita Cegarra on 02-Aug-2010 22:23
Hi Norman,

Enjoy your August in the office, the holiday will be so much sweeter if you've worked like a mad thing beforehand!

Every time I decide to go on holiday, my work world goes mad.

Perhaps I should declare a permanent holiday?
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