26-May-2011 23:51

Cheap Calls, Free Calls Or Dropped Skype Calls?

Cheap Calls? Free Calls? Or Dropped Calls? Skype woes continue…

Well it seems that Microsoft's $8.5 BILLION purchase of Skype is proving a wonderful(!) investment…

Once again Skype broke down on Thursday - just days after the announcement of that, much scorned, deal to buy Skype, the VoIP service, by Microsoft.

The service collapse for many users (again) around lunchtime on Thursday, crashing the application on many Windows PCs.

Early indications suggest that Mac fans were less exposed to the problem but this is unconfirmed. Skype's website was also affected.

Skype acknowledged that many users had subsequent problems signing into Skype and making calls in an advisory ‘Update’ which explained that deleting the "shared.xml" file ought to allow users to reconnect to the service.

Some security researchers half jokingly suggested the outage was caused by plans to move the platform to Microsoft's .Net framework.

This seems a bit improbable because, while it might explain the client connection problem, it is difficult to see how it fits with problems with the website.

The outage is far from the first to affect Skype.
Previous, far longer, outages have produced compensation offers.

Whether or not that happens in this case, the incident will cause users to further question the reliability of the service.

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Contributed by Landline on 14-Jun-2011 14:43
it is good news.
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 27-May-2011 11:09
"1 pound something a minute" ???

Our rates on many calls are far lower than Skype anyway!
Contributed by Steve Hall on 27-May-2011 11:06
Why do people even bother with Skype?

When people say to me, "OK, I'll Skype you", my first thought is, "Oh, aren't I worth 2c a minute or whatever with Simplyfone? for a quality call." I just thing it's bordering on rude. If you don't value yourself at 1 pound something a minute, perhaps it's best not to even make the call?????
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