04-Aug-2010 13:51

If your day ain't going so smoothly.....

A mate just emailed this fantastic clip of a ventriloquist called Paul Zerdin

I watched the clip and my laughter brought several guys running to my 4’ x 2’ padded cell…

Needless to say, about 8 of us now have streaming eyes, aching sides and am now ready once again to face the world…

Please let me know if you enjoy it too…

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Contributed by Demos Flouri on 04-Aug-2010 15:41
That was fantastic, I am still laughing!
Contributed by Shelley Fishel on 04-Aug-2010 15:01
Fab Norman as usual you give us a welcome interlude of fun.

My younger son is here and we watched it together both laughing out loud.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Shelley Fishel
The Training Surgery Limited
Accredited Training Provider with The Institute of IT Training
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Contributed by Tim "Italy" O'Donnel on 04-Aug-2010 14:43

I thought it-he-they were very good.
Contributed by Wayne Conyers on 04-Aug-2010 14:38
loved it and laughed pretty much the whole way through
Contributed by Marty Watson on 04-Aug-2010 14:14
Excellent - thank you
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