28-Jun-2011 15:39

Challenges in Business?

Can you describe in just ‘one word’ (and then elucidate if preferred) what you consider to be the key challenge facing businesses in 2011?

I know that no 'one-word' can encompass all, but, hey, give it a bash guys…

May I get the ball rolling with:

Economic conditions increasingly pose challenges.

Plans may be laid, direction may be selected and choices may be favoured but the ability to move fast to change track with flexibility and efficiency is of paramount importance…

What do you think?

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Contributed by Graham on 29-Jun-2011 22:00
Contributed by Phil Shepherd on 28-Jun-2011 22:41
Innovation or the challenge of creating innovative products for new markets I think has always been essential but particularly so in harder times.

Contributed by Doug Jenner on 28-Jun-2011 18:01
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 28-Jun-2011 17:59
Well done indeed - now try n' push it to 40% increase ;)
Contributed by Alan Stevens on 28-Jun-2011 17:59
Norman = Excellence is what we seek to deliver in every aspect of our business, which is now almost exclusively with luxury brands. They appreciate it, and it drives everything we do. So not vague from our perspective. I don't see 2011 as any different to any other year, though. We will keep growing, as we have every year since 2000. We're already 25% up on this time last year.
Contributed by Gordon Wheaton on 28-Jun-2011 17:25
Economic climate

This is a major challenge to business in 2011. But it surely can only be beaten with persistence


Contributed by Anthony Haley on 28-Jun-2011 17:25

Klout :)

Not to waste too much time massaging your high score or ego at the expense of doing business.
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 28-Jun-2011 17:23
True Alan... but rather vague, no?
Contributed by Alan Stevens on 28-Jun-2011 17:23
Contributed by Steve Hall on 28-Jun-2011 17:22
but Lawrence Man City have been doing that for 40 years! Not done them a lot of good LOL
Contributed by Laurence Lowne on 28-Jun-2011 17:22
Focus - Follow One Course Until Successful
Contributed by Steve Hall on 28-Jun-2011 16:53
Oneself ....all the rest is $%&/()

Got a problem with your business? Look in the mirror
Contributed by Simon Raybould on 28-Jun-2011 16:50
Robustness - almost the same thing as resilience.
Being 'emotionally robust" is one way staying resilient
Contributed by Chris (Silver Fox) Farrance on 28-Jun-2011 16:27
'Positivity' - the expectation that whatever you do whenever you do it as long as it's with a positive intent will improve the condition of mankind

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Contributed by Suze StMaur on 28-Jun-2011 16:24
Contributed by Mike Gordon on 28-Jun-2011 16:24
Contributed by Steven Healey on 28-Jun-2011 16:24
Contributed by Lisa Attias on 28-Jun-2011 16:23
Contributed by Ian R McAllister on 28-Jun-2011 16:23
Contributed by steven on 28-Jun-2011 16:20
Contributed by Stephen Bailey on 28-Jun-2011 16:17

and to elucidate - positive cashflow.
Contributed by Steve Hall on 28-Jun-2011 15:48
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