10-Jul-2011 12:22

(Lottery Draw) It could be you’ou…

…but what the heck would you do with £166 million!?

No-one won the £166 million jackpot in Friday's EuroMillions draw.

Two UK tickets did scoop £3.3 million each after matching five numbers & one lucky star.

But honestly, who could possibly want or need £166 million smackers?

Surely winning this colossal sum in an instant could or would destroy lives, ruin relationships and undermine bonds…

I understand that we all secretly wish/dream to win the Lottery and (probably erroneously) see it as a smooth road to happiness, prosperity and a life of leisure, but £166 million!?

Nope, I believe that it is far too large a sum of money to be ‘won’ by just one ticket.

Surely 10 tickets x £16 million or 20 tickets x £8 million would prove far more popular and probably encourage even greater ticket sales?

What do you guys think?

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Contributed by Sue Searle on 10-Jul-2011 20:59
I would buy a great many MRI machines and install then round the country with staff , training and back up support :-) I would make a huge donation to the King's fund for medical research in cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimers and also clean water in Africa. No problem LOL
Contributed by Roger Vanstone on 10-Jul-2011 20:38
With that amount of money I could possibly achieve my dream and buy a Premier League Football Club.

It would have to be Wolverhampton Wandereers FC

I have plans for them :)
Contributed by Massimo Luciani on 10-Jul-2011 20:37
I think I'd like to try and see for myself what I could do with that much money... ;)

Seriously, it's well known that a jackpot beyond a hundred million USD, GBP or Euros attracts many more people to buy tickets than a higher number or ten million prizes though that would mean higher chances, to win.

Hey, it's all about irrationality, no way you can talk about it rationally!
Contributed by Wayne on 10-Jul-2011 17:48
166 million smackers in the bank - you could do a lot of things if you were minded in the right way - with that money you could make some differences.
Contributed by Steve Hall on 10-Jul-2011 12:31
Absolutely 100% on the button.
For me if somebody "guaranteed" (I no longer believe ANYBODY can "guarantee" me an extra 10,000 euros per month until I die, that would mean MUCH more to me than even a million in my hand.
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