05-Aug-2010 13:19

Google Wave Goodbye

Google have announced that they are stopping Google Wave completely ending development of the software.

& quite amazingly (the NHS can now operate on 'tongue-in-cheek' syndrome) the Google boss Eric Schmidt claimed that Wave was 'a very clever product'.

In a live b**l-sh***ting session to reporters, Schmidt tried to show the failure of Wave as proof that Google was willing to try new products out & to live dangerously.
He told 'em that, 'Google policy is to try things'! & that Google 'celebrate their failures'

Why are most bosses of major corporations so full of it?


Is there a degree course or specialist training for these type of 'gloss over failure speeches'?

Other Google's failures include:
• Google Squared
• Google Answers
• Google Radio
• Google Lively
• Google Health
• Google Notebook

No one can deny Google's spectacular successes, but at least try, honestly & sincerely, to admit the failures too & take it on the chin!

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