10-Aug-2011 14:44

Yah boo sucks to you Apple & Blackberry...

Well whatdy'a know...

Just one month before Apple is due to unveil a similar product, Facebook has stolen their thunder by launching an Instant Messaging Service for mobile phones – similar to BlackBerry Messenger.

The dedicated app. for iPhones and Android devices currently only supports users to contact friends & groups...

Mobile Messaging has of course recently been in the news because many of the 'riot organisers' allegedly used it to supervise their collective followers' whereabouts & co-ordinate attacks.

So far the new Facebook's Mobile Messenger is only available in the United States, but it is expected to roll out fairly soon to other countries.

Facebook’s 750 million users do of course already enjoy a means to send messages through the website & on Facebook's original smart-phone application.

So what’s new?

Well, the new app. adds an option to send directly to a mobile phone via SMS and to include useful location information.

Of course, with increased competition and market share moving away from Facebook > Google+ , the the industry is now asking, ‘how long will it be before Google+ also enjoys a built-in messaging-service?’

Watch this space folks…

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Contributed by Sarah Arrow on 10-Aug-2011 18:43
Tweeted it out
Contributed by Steve Hall on 10-Aug-2011 18:43
..except that I am not the first person this week who has noted that his "circles" etc are not exactly impassioned by Google+
Contributed by Andrew Crook on 10-Aug-2011 18:42
Although BlackBerry will still be used by criminals for its encryption.
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