05-Sep-2011 10:16

Mobile phones are Dead-'Long Live the Smart Phone'

Yep, as we all thought, the future is almost upon us...

Within the next few months, the number of smart phones across the US and UK will overtake the number of traditional mobile phones marking an historic change for the wireless industry.

The growth has been rather rapid…

Towards the end of 2009 only one out of every five wireless subscribers was using a smart phone such as the iPhone or Blackberry. Now, less than 24 months later, that percentage has doubled, to 40% of users.

And consumers who are buying new devices are expected to tip the balance as early as next month.

Almost three-quarters of all mobile phones currently being sold are smart phones.

The trend reflects developing consumer demand for constant connectivity.

The older "feature" phones are capable of voice calls, text messages, camera and the occasional photo, but little else.

Smart phones, however, are essentially handheld computers and can be utilised for email, web browsing, to post updates to social media sites, game playing, music, to watch movies and even to shoot video clips.

The smart phone capabilities are so comprehensive, some recent studies suggest, that smart phone users may develop something akin to an addiction.
Reports show that 25% of smart phone users admit to using their phone very frequently at the dinner table, compared to just 6% of feature phone users.

The iPhone appears to be particularly habit-forming.

While 22% of mobile phone users said they’d rather live without their toothbrush than their phone for a week, that percentage doubled to 45% for iPhone users according to a recent survey of more than 500 consumers.

Perhaps that’s not too surprising, considering the bestselling Apple mobile device is hugely responsible for the mainstream adoption of smart phones.

While Research in Motion (RIM) launched its first Blackberry smart phone in 2003, it was marketed mainly to business users & for business usage.
It was not until the iPhone was released four years later in 2007, that regular consumers joined the smart phone trend.

The innovative iPhone and competitors brought to the marketplace a fresh idea, a customisable experience.

Users now found that they could create an individualised smart phone by loading it with apps.

Of course, a major driving force behind the continued & increased adoption of smart phones is the downward trend of wireless-plan pricing.

Naturally not all phone users are so eager to upgrade.

Generally, older adults are less likely than younger adults to own a smart phone, studies show.

But age aside, some resisters say they just simply do not want to be "connected" all the time.

Many argue that the older mobile phones are preferable & perform far better for basic functions like ‘calls and text messaging’.

Still, even conservative and die-hard traditionalists will seemingly not be able to avoid the smart phone trend much longer.

By the end of next year, reports show that smart phone sales and usage will comprise about 65% of all mobile phones & many argue that by 2015 that market share will be close to 100%...

And for those stalwarts who continue to hold out?

Within two years, a wander around a mobile phone shop will offer many different styles, colours and choices of smart phones and only a few traditional mobile phones styles & more importantly, little difference in price between the traditional phones handsets and the ‘new’ smart phones..

It seems the mobile phone is dead – "Long Live the Smart Phone"

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Contributed by Joseph Heller on 06-Sep-2011 10:07
The trend may be reversed if smartphone manufacturers don't improve the quality of the 'phone' element.
Contributed by Stella Holman- The Connector on 05-Sep-2011 17:21
I feel more like "one of the gang" now I have my IPhone4


Best wishes

Stella Holman-TheConnector
Contributed by Alan Bowman on 05-Sep-2011 17:14
Once they become voice activated and automatically translate any language then we really will be talking "smart"

Contributed by Steve Hall on 05-Sep-2011 15:08
...and after the Smart Phone? If we are considering today's technology we are dead in the water! A phone that makes women logical, Arsenal fans tolerable and html understandable? Wow, that would be quite a tool! Steve
Contributed by Ty "Mac-Head" Tyson on 05-Sep-2011 10:35
Thank you Apple for kicking off this mass adoption. The benefit to consumers in general has been immense and has accellerated the move to the mobile computing space.
Contributed by Andrew Crook on 05-Sep-2011 10:29
I think the mobile phone as a single function device, that is to only make calls, had died many years ago.
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