09-Sep-2011 10:40

0800 Numbers - Another happy client...

This morning at 9.03am we received an application from a national 'Energy Company' for a freefone 0800 number to divert to a landline for a new office near Slough...

By 9.23am this morning their new (and pretty memorable) 0800 number was set and active...

Could your business use an 0800 (or any NGN) number?


(Details applicable to all NGN numbers...)

0800 Numbers are free to call from UK landlines.

They are ideal for use in marketing campaigns to attract new enquiries.

• Free 08xx number set up - 'memorable' numbers available too

• No contracts, no minimum usages & no rentals - ever

• Provide your company with a national presence

• Divert to any UK or International destination - never miss a call

• Increase the efficiency of all advertising & marketing

Using freephone 0800 numbers sends a powerful message to your customers, demonstrating that you value their custom and are prepared to pay for their call.

SimplyFone Non-Geographical Numbers for your business - professional, reliable and affordable...

Email us: or call us free today on 0800 619 2626.

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Contributed by Steve Hall on 09-Sep-2011 10:53
Great work, Simply Fone. Respect!
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