19-Sep-2011 10:36

Are you considered ‘Easy’?

So come on… own up… let us know… we can keep a secret…

Just how 'Easy' are you?

A recent survey suggested that people generally prefer conducting business & creating relationships with companies that are ‘easy to do business with’ rather than those that provide ‘exceptional service’.

The ‘Customer Contact Council’ (yea, yea don’t ask…) found that making it easy for people produces better results when it comes to future and ongoing purchases than ‘delighting’ customers with a ‘wow’ service experience.
94% of the people who were able to resolve any issues with little effort made additional purchases and 88% actually increased spend on future purchases.

On the flip side research showed that, as you might have expected, poor service loses customers.
96% of people who had trouble resolving issues were disloyal and did not continue the relationship.

So, the evidence appears pretty clear - making it quick, simple and straightforward for customers to interact with you, fast responses to any problems and issues is a great way to increase loyalty and optimise client retention levels.

So tell us again… “How ‘Easy’ are you?”

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