17-Aug-2010 17:19

Has online blogging liberated you?

As the volume of tweets, posts and blogging increases & social media and online interaction thrives, it may be pertinent to ask the question whether fresh-faced virgin bloggers actually feel more liberated online.

It cannot be disputed that blogging or delivering pithy online posts is far more uncomplicated and perhaps more comfortable than establishing real-life relationships.

For many, meeting new & old contacts face to face, setting up 1-2-1’s or joining actual networking groups can be so much more daunting than simply blogging, emailing and responding from the privacy and anonymity of your desk, office, back bedroom or garden shed…

However, I did recently read a well-received article that suggested that contrary to most thinking, the more prolific bloggers were also the ones that were the most industrious real-time networkers..

So, may I ask you for your thoughts…

Has your blogging & postings whether on your own personal blogs, websites and elsewhere, led to more networking and personal, social & business interaction or simply liberated you, behind a veneer of privacy & perceived anonymity, to post & offer comment to a variety of stories and interests where you would not normally dare to venture in your ‘real world’?

Comments would be appreciated.

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Contributed by Norman on 19-Aug-2010 11:48
For the many who work on their own or who require little interaction to complete their work, the internet and online world can prove cathartic & stimulating.

My fear is that there may be many out there who are actively dissuaded from bothering to get back into the real world whilst they can so easily 'connect' simply by punching keys and being truly sedentary…

I would suggest that it may be essential for the growth of most businesses and relationships to strike a healthy balance between the two.
Contributed by David Holroyd-Doveton on 19-Aug-2010 11:46
An interesting blog.

As I am very new to the whole social media field I really do not know.
It has however enabled me to meet some very interesting and knowledgeable people and many have become friends.

Blogging, tweets, posts and the like are a useful way to gain and give knowledge but more importantly are a way of meeting people face to face and developing lasting associations and friendships.

Contributed by Stuarte Harris on 19-Aug-2010 11:42
Hard to say.

For the past 10 years I've been a company of one, writing for a living, mostly on my own. Lonesome.
There's not much scope for face-to-face interaction, or even voice-to-voice.
Blogging is a pretty efficient and effective way to have conversations. Sometimes with people I already know, sometimes with complete strangers.
So in some respects blogging has kept me chained to the keyboard.
In other respects, it has liberated my social self just enough to stop it rebelling.
All in all, a positive result.
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