14-Nov-2011 00:22

Eek!BT Increase Prices & Cease Online Bill Savings

As of December 3rd 2011 BT will increase UK daytime calls, will increase line rentals charges & also discontinue discounted deals for paperless bills…

In late August BT did announce that price & rates will rise on 3rd December, but the removal of the paperless billing discount was not mentioned in its announcement and is only now being communicated to BT customers via email.

The online billing discount had already been removed for all new customers from September last year, but those who were BT clients in excess of 14 months & opted for online bills were still getting a monthly £1.25 discount.

Confused BT customers have been frantically posting on internet forums to find out if would affect them.

A BT spokesman confirmed that the discount will be removed for all customers in December, saying “the £1.25 discount for not receiving a bill is ‘quite generous’ and so it has not proved to be viable in the long term."

Could this attempt to save money rebound on them?

BT customers are apparently already requesting posted & itemised invoices once more.

One bemused BT customer posted on the that, "making BT send bills again is a petty response to the removal of the paper free discount but I smiled to myself as I hung up the phone."

And yet another wrote, "….does seem an odd decision by BT as it will probably cost more than my discount to print and post a paper bill to me."

Furthermore as of 3rd December monthly line rentals for residential clients will rise from £13.90p to £14.60p on top of the recent April 2011 increase from £12.79p.

Other BT increases in December include the daytime-call rates; the popular Inclusive Anytime call package and the call connection fee.

All this makes SimplyFone rates even more competitive – most plans have no connection or minimum call charges and our residential line rentals remain at £9.79 +vat – an even greater discount over BT and could save you up to £50 per annum on line rentals alone!

Contact us for a quote, come on… you know it makes sense :)

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Contributed by Matt Chrome on 17-Dec-2011 17:11
I`ve requested paper billing again, but I wonder how long it will be before BT reverse the option by adding an extra charge for paper billing?........
Contributed by SimplyFone Blogger on 14-Nov-2011 10:28
Totally agree Steve and Babs.

Seems a step back and a rather silly way to save £1.25 but must surely cost them far more in the long run..

Who knows? :(
Contributed by Babs on 14-Nov-2011 10:23
I can't keep up with everything going up now. And it does seem a crazy thing to stop the paperless discount - it's not what I would call "quite generous" - it must save them a lot more than £1.25.
Contributed by Steve Hall on 14-Nov-2011 00:32
How very strange. In a world where everything SHOULD be going paperless, BT are going backwards. Apart from the ecological and Tolpuddle issues, surely it is going to cost them more than 1,25 gbp to print, frank, post an invoice. Then the credit control issues will come in, "I did not get my bill, please send me (yet) another one" It's the sort of pettiness I would have expected from Telefónica the national disgrace that is Spain's excuse for a telecom company.
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