18-Nov-2011 13:43


A great proponent of sarcasm Mark Twain famously quipped about a recently read novel, "Classic, a book which people praise and don't read."

Could his comment be used for some of those 'liking' blogs ad nauseum...?

Any more examples of biting sarcasm?

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Contributed by Danielle de Valera on 19-Nov-2011 19:51
Aah, Zara, I really relate to you. Loved your bit about the roof over your head versus worrying about blog clicks, also the fact that your computer won't play videos. My ancient pedal-driven one won't either, and it has a web speed of 45 kb/sec. You can wash your hair while you wait for it to produce a link you've clicked.
But enuff of this moaning, I'm happy.

Warm wishes,
Danielle de Valera
Fiction author/Manuscript assessor
Contributed by Nic Oliver on 19-Nov-2011 19:48
I liked the phrase I once heard "He's a tough person to ignore - fortunately, it's well worth the effort!"

I read Jeff's blogs too; I don't always comment as I don't always understand them!

Have a great weekend

Kind regards

Contributed by Andrew Field on 18-Nov-2011 15:11
A worthy cause Jeff... and please accept my apologies for pulling the whatever about 'licks' on Twitter... but place your item in perspective... in Africa about 99% of the population do not have access to computers, but what was this to do with the topic of sarcasm, or have I missed the point of Norman's post?

I hate to lick people, and like to hate some (very few) but liking blogs and comments is healthy in this environment... we are unable to physically hug each other, although I dare say not many will want some of us grumpy old men hugging them... so just get on and push the like button occasionally... its nothing to do with brown nosing, I promise!
Contributed by Jeff Mowatt on 18-Nov-2011 14:32
it's more fundamental than abstract licks, which don't translate into any currency. What I wrote today to our local news has a lot to do with the matter raised by katie and Zara above.

We could do something about this and it needs support which translates into action
Contributed by Andrew Field on 18-Nov-2011 14:31
They say, and don't ask whom 'they' is, that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit...but you all know that. Done with a little wit, however, it can be extremely funny and amusing to most. Its all about timing...

Andrew trades at Empire Avenue - come trade with me there! He also blogs at South of the Africa Equator. Of course Andrew does Twitter a bit - Follow @zimbandrew and LinkedIn: Andrew Field and I am trying Google+ too - please feel free to link up.
Harare, Zimbabwe.
Contributed by Andrew Field on 18-Nov-2011 14:30
Oh Jeff... the likes not coming your way then? tch tch....

Andrew trades at Empire Avenue - come trade with me there! He also blogs at South of the Africa Equator. Of course Andrew does Twitter a bit - Follow @zimbandrew and LinkedIn: Andrew Field and I am trying Google+ too - please feel free to link up.
Harare, Zimbabwe.
Contributed by Zara Lockwood on 18-Nov-2011 13:45

I am more worried about keeping a roof over my head than the intentions of somebody clicking a like button a gaining a little buzz out of it - lose clicks sink ships - not really ? - I click items I read or that a person I like has put on - Example I can't watch videos on tablet / pc often but I will usually always give a click to Richard Perry as when I had a better computer and could watch his choice in video, I was usually impressed with the impression/angle/idea I believe he convey's, same with Simon Ellinas, both professional people I'd have no hesitation recommending based on cyber personality alone, and I'm not biased with Simon because he did a my web avatar either, that was a complete surprise, and was being invited back here - I accept gifts - I'm not daft in that way - these are like early xmas presents - I get socks every year for xmas and a box of chocolates usually, so being given some tools/value to work with from strangers I've not met in the flesh, is a pleasant surprise and not quickly forgotten.

Looking for ganoderma / reishi / lingzhi coffee? I am a distributor to a selection of products with this ancient herb
Contributed by Cornelis de Maijer on 18-Nov-2011 13:44
Same in Dutch
Contributed by Katie-Ellen Hazeldine on 18-Nov-2011 13:44
I read Jeff's blogs but rarely comment. I find orphan the saddest word. What he says denotes a problem that appalls and outfaces me, it has bent and broken its most committed activists, so what suggestions about the underlying issue which would not be facile. I have hosted children visiting here from Ukraine, a mere drop in an ocean and mostly, they have had some kind of family home to return to, however poor. There are children in the Uk who live like that too, no carpets, dog mess on the floor. Power for the changes required there need ultimately to be expressed via high diplomacy, I suspect, and I also suspect UK is currently not in a terribly strong position to bang drums.

Sometimes in a blog, especially the ones that are 'opinion pieces' there will be something in it you like and something you don't like. It depends then, assuming you are reacting to the blog, not the writer, which bit 'speaks loudest'. It seems the liveliest blogs offer an easy doorway in,
whether for a scrap, or something gentle.
Contributed by Jeff Mowatt on 18-Nov-2011 13:43
No, that's called fawning sycophancy @
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