11-Dec-2011 13:23

Email Marketing? Watch Out for ‘Spam’ Triggers

Email marketing has become an increasingly important and powerful tool for marketing and marketers.

Decent email-marketing tactics can allow the smallest companies to create email or Bulk SMS campaigns that are both professional and effective…

There are, however, lots of ‘words’ or terms that will trigger filter warnings and simply divert your (now classified as spam) email directly into the recipient spam or junk folder.

To state the obvious, anything remotely ‘naughty’ or of a sexual or pornographic nature will be blocked and could actually get you into murky water with your service provider.

A good tip is not to include: £, !, * or any of the symbols in the subject line.

In an attempt to trick the span filters, made-up words like mon£y or n*k*d are easily found, sorted and barred.

See below a list of everyday terms you may be unwittingly using…

They include "click to remove," "click below" and terms like "marketing solutions."

The following list, and by no means a definitive list of terms, are to be avoided if possible & these rules may just assist with your email marketing campaigns…

• Accept credit cards
• Additional income
• All legal
• All natural
• Amazing
• Be your own boss
• Buy direct
• Free installation
• Free investment
• Free leads
• Free membership
• Free money
• Free offer
• Free preview
• Free quote
• Free sample
• Free trial
• Free website
• Full refund
• Get paid
• Get started now
• Gift certificate
• Great offer
• Guarantee
• Increase sales
• Increase traffic
• Money back
• Not selling anything
• Order now
• Order status
• Orders shipped by priority mail
• Potential earnings
• Risk free
• Satisfaction guaranteed
• Save up to
• You have been selected

Best of luck…


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Contributed by Mike Morrison on 11-Dec-2011 17:43
A useful reminder - thanks

Mike Morrison
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