20-Aug-2010 09:40

Can you get out of your landline phone contract?

Many landline providers like BT, TalkTalk, Sky, Orange et al also tie you into nasty time-related contracts and woe betide you if you decide to leave before the end of contract or don't 'give notice' before a roll-over continuation of the contract or don't provide the requisite notice period in writing, fax, email and by pigeon post!

One pretty well-known business landline provider has a standard two-year business landline contract with three or six-month notice periods and if you dare to be just 1 minute late; you are stuck into a fresh two/three year contract..


But there is a solution:


We have NO time-related contracts - ever! allowing you the freedom to move at any given time without notice and without incurring any penalties.

C'mon guys, call me - you know it makes sense!

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