22-Dec-2011 17:09

Ok, Own Up…What’s ‘Given you the Hump’?

Ok, Own Up… What’s ‘Given you the Hump’ in 2011?

Frustrations in business or incidents that have ‘given you the hump’ may be loosely defined as ‘recurring events in your business over which you feel you have little or no control’.

Every business suffers frustrations at times & we all suffer accordingly…

From temporary ‘hiccups’ that can hinder the flow of work, to mistakes that may have nasty impacts on the bottom line - and varying degrees of stressful events in between.

As with all of life’s challenge we have choices: the question is really how you deal with them.

It may be possible to ignore the frustrations totally & indeed hope that somebody else will take care of it or you can apply a quick or permanent fix…

Some frustrations however, are not within your control and these are the ones that personally really ‘give me the hump’.

My pet ‘frustrations’ of 2011 have been the following situations:

Potential clients pass us copies of their various telephone bills with a kind request to analyse and create a proposal to show possible savings and solutions…

Now that’s all fine and dandy & very welcome and most indeed lead on to good business, rather pleased new clients and an even happier Norman.

My ‘pet hump’ however is when some clients send to us by email or post (often hundreds of) sheets of telephone call-itemisations to work through to see if we can beat their incumbent providers and reduce costs… and after receiving our proposals - which may have taken hours to create – they then simply ignore us...

Yep, not a peep, not a call, not a thank you - nothing, nada, niets, কিছুই, rien!

Grrrrrr…… :(

What has exasperated you and what has ‘given you the hump’ most in 2011?

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