13-Jan-2012 12:59

A Warming Tale....

A warming tale (allegedly true) about the bond formed between a little girl and a group of telephone engineers.

A young family moved into a house adjacent to an office block.

One day, a gang of telephone engineers turned up to install cabling networks & phone system.

The family's 5 year old daughter naturally developed an interest in all the busy activity going on next door and began chatting to the telephone engineers.

She hung around and eventually the telephone engineers, with hearts of gold, adopted her as a sort of project mascot.

They joked with her, let her sit with them during tea and lunch breaks, and gave her small jobs to do to make her feel important.

They even provided the sweet child with her very own small-safety hat & gloves - which thrilled her immensely.

At the end of the first week, the smiling telephone engineers even presented her with a pay envelope containing £2 in 10p coins.

The beaming little child took her 'wages' home to her mum who suggested that they go together to the bank to open a child-savings account.

At the building society, the female cashier was tickled pink listening to the 5 year old telling her about her 'work' on the Cat5 cabling and the fact she had earned her 'pay packet'.

"You must have worked very hard to earn all this", said the clerk.

The child proudly replied, "Yes, I grafted many hours with Mark, Harry, Simon & Pete & we're now busy implementing the new telephony solution."

"My goodness gracious," said the woman, "and will you be working on the job again after the weekend?"

The 5 year old child thought deeply for a moment & responded in a most serious manner:

"I think so - provided those morons at Samsung deliver the bloody handsets."

Have a great weekend - Norman

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Contributed by Chris Johnson on 17-Jan-2012 19:05

Great Tale Norman.

Many thanks

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Contributed by Mike Morrison on 17-Jan-2012 19:04

I like this - thanks for sharing
Contributed by Lawrence Perry on 17-Jan-2012 19:04

Good story indeed. Thanks for sharing this.
Contributed by Shelley Fishel on 17-Jan-2012 19:04

Where do you get your stories from? This is lovely!!
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