18-Jan-2012 20:08

Met. Police Spend £35K+ on Calls to Speaking Clock


The Metropolitan Police has apparently spent more than £35,000 on 110,000 calls to the Speaking Clock in the last two years & £200,000 calling directory enquiries according to figures released to the Press Association under the Freedom of Information Act.

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Scotland Yard said officers and staff, many without internet access, needed to know exact times and contact details.

Officers and staff also made nearly 55,000 calls to find out the time last year…

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "We are committed to reducing such costs wherever possible...”

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(Source BBC News)

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Contributed by Chris Farrance on 19-Jan-2012 15:01

Why is there such a need to know the exact time - won't a rough approximation do?
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 19-Jan-2012 15:00
Err... We are talking Met. Police here people...

Where are they going to 'find' a watch?

All clues referred to Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau please
Contributed by Lawrence Perry on 19-Jan-2012 15:00
Agree.. With or without internet on their PC they can still see the time there. Or buy a watch instead.
Contributed by Demos Flouri on 18-Jan-2012 23:39
Do the office workers not realise they can see the time on the PC?
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 18-Jan-2012 21:15
Excellent solution Alan but the cops I've come across normally want to buy Rolexs & Pateks :-(

(although most probably know a bloke down the pub......)

Contributed by Alan Stevens on 18-Jan-2012 21:15
There are 32,000 coppers in the Met. You can buy a digital watch in a pound shop. Problem solved and 3000 quid left over

Best wishes

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