26-Jan-2012 12:40

Time to Update your Office Telephone System?

Yep, it’s that moment you’ve dreaded... customer or staff complaints have prompted you into the realisation that your Telephone System is sadly well past its sell-by-date...

A horrid moment but to ease your way through a potential minefield our SimplyFone boffins (me!) have created a short & hopefully helpful checklist to help you along the way.

Choosing a new Telephone System or indeed relocating your existing one should not be taken too lightly as your telephones are often the first and main communication between your business and clients & thus any changes merit careful consideration, planning and expertise.

Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide whether purchasing a new telephone system would be advantageous for your business:

• Does your telephone system need renewing, upgrading or is it fit for purpose in your new office?

• Does it contain all the features that are necessary for your business to perform at its optimum level?

• Is the current cabling infrastructure in your office suitable and will it support your technology requirements; i.e. the necessary features: Call Logging, Call Recording, Divert or IVR services, VoIP, voice and data cabling, Mobile working etc?

• Are you seeking to grow the business and are your recruiting additional staff in the new office? Will you need additional phone sets, lines etc. Does this increased capacity requirement require you to upgrade your system?

• How much will it cost to upgrade your current phone system? An independent Telecoms Company like SimplyFone will be able to advise you on optimum phone systems & the cost of purchase and installations.

• What impact will a new telephone system have on staff training? Can training be provided before the relocation?

• What benefits will the new telephone system bring to your business? Any benefits must weighed against the cost of upgrading to a new system.

Hopefully the above short checklist will assist any changes, but remember too that any upgrade can prove an excellent opportunity to review all your IT equipment & requirements. Embracing newer technology can help to improve performance and efficiency.

…and if you feel that you need to discuss your telephone options further, please don’t hesitate to call us directly on Freefone: 0800 6191 999 & ask for SimplyFone Technical Help

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Contributed by Fred Winters on 17-Feb-2012 13:10
Extremely helpful post - I thank you
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