27-Jan-2012 12:58

Telecom Solutions R Us… Everyday Tale of Another Happy Chappy…

We pride ourselves on helping our clients solve any ‘problems’ or difficulties they may experience.

Our latest success this past week is the following solution:

A client (and good friend), who owns & runs a rather busy and successful Travel Agency, booked a week’s business trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Importantly, David needed a mobile phone whilst in S. Africa to receive the, literally, hundreds of calls received daily from his UK clients but he needed to retain his own UK mobile number too ..

David's dilemma was that if he simply received his incoming-calls on his UK mobile whilst abroad in Johannesburg, he’d be stung with enormously expensive ‘roaming call’ charges which could cost him many £100’s pounds…

Our solution:
We advised him to buy (online as it happens) a South African SIM card ‘before’ he left the UK - to know the actual S. African mobile number prior to departure - & we set up for him – for free! - a UK non-geographic 020 3xxx number.

His new SimplyFone 020 3xxx cli we diverted/terminated to the new South African SIM & asked him to set up an auto-divert (before leaving UK shores) from his mobile > our SimplyFone 020 3xxx number.

Whenever he received a call to his UK mobile, it automatically diverted (‘for free’ as calls to 020xx are included in his UK mobile unlimited call-plan) to the 020 3xxx number which we had diverted (at a relatively small cost per minute) to the new S. African mobile SIM…

Result 2:
One very happy & grateful client who has probably saved well over £500/600+ pounds over the past week & is singing our praises...

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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 29-Jan-2012 18:44
Thanks Steve...

Contributed by Steve Hall on 27-Jan-2012 23:21
Great work.....the girl behind the counter at Dixons would not know that ....her next client wanted a dishwasher and the last one a hoover. This is where professional advice is priceless!
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