12-Feb-2012 19:13

Will Texting Survive?

Who would have believed it?

According to recent data issued late January 2012, text messaging or SMSs saw a pretty sharp decline over the Xmas and New Year periods - normally the busiest time of year for sending social texts.

So could the humble SMS text message really be dying out?

Christmas Eve is traditionally just about the busiest period for text messages but in 2011 the SMS volumes of some of the major operators in counties such as Finland and Hong Kong plummeted by double digits.

Finland saw the number of messages sent using the Sonera network on Christmas Eve drop by 2.4 million - from 10.9 million to 8.5 million & reports shows a 14% falls in Hong Kong too.

Could it be that the advent and increasing popularity of free smartphone instant messaging services like Apple’s iMessage and RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and WhatsApp has dented enthusiasm for SMSs?

With ever-growing social networking combined with generous smartphone data tariffs there may be reduced reliance on sharing information & update and greetings via SMS.

So, with the free alternatives now available, how long indeed will the old SMS technology survive?


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Contributed by Lucas Wyrsch on 14-Feb-2012 18:05
Yes, it will even amplify, particularly because services like twitter add more complexity which will cost them a considerable user base.
Contributed by Tina Thinkinnewareas Jonasen on 13-Feb-2012 13:54
‎"Digital Muppet" - LOL love that expression ;-)
Contributed by Vicki Wusche on 13-Feb-2012 13:54
I am still mastering texting with attachments !! but then I am a Digital Muppet haa haa :)
Contributed by Phil Terrett on 13-Feb-2012 13:54
Left foot = XBox 360!
Contributed by William Buist on 13-Feb-2012 13:53
That leaves his left foot free....
Contributed by Phil Terrett on 13-Feb-2012 13:53
However SMS is built in to the mobile networks and there are times when it is a quicker alternative, so it is unkikely it will disappear completely. My son appears to be able to text, blackberry message, FB at the same time!
Contributed by Phil Terrett on 13-Feb-2012 13:51
Texting took 10 years from when people realised it was there to become an overnight phenomenon with mass usage and adoption. It will inevitably decline as free alternatives that are easy to use become available via smartphones.
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 12-Feb-2012 21:16
Dieser Blog war einfach nur zu informativen Zwecken und zum Interesse an dem Thema zu erstellen.

Meine Firma SimplyFone ist ein wichtiger Lieferant von Massen-SMS-Kampagnen in Großbritannien
Contributed by Hannes Schleeh on 12-Feb-2012 21:14
Hallo Herr Feiner, was wollen Sie mit diesem Post erreichen?
Contributed by Karin Sebelin on 12-Feb-2012 21:11
I personally don't write SMS - don't like it:))

best greetings to you Norman:))
Contributed by David Holroyd-Doveton on 12-Feb-2012 20:26
Hi Norman,

I am not at all surprised. Direct Messages via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Ecademy have all contributed to the decline of the SMS.

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