14-Feb-2012 14:47

Relevant or Not in 2012?

Just received the latest 2012/2013 Barnet BT 'phone book' & it begs the questions:

1. who the heck still uses the 'Phone Book'?
2. who is actually paying for it - surely the dearth of ads in it means it's a loss-leader?
3. what a waste of paper for a (supposedly) green and environmentally-friendly company?
4. if it's still popular... why is it getting thinner & smaller?
5. if it's for the benefit of those without 'net access or more probably, for the 'elderly' amongst us.. why the heck is it printed in a point size that had me reaching for an magnifying glass just to recognise the letters... ?

Wow - this surely needs a major rethink?

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Contributed by James McBrearty on 14-Feb-2012 23:42
I had a yellow pages through the door last week - it's about the size of a paperback now!
Contributed by Steve Hall on 14-Feb-2012 18:02
I saw the new Málaga Yellow Pages last week.....exactly the same questions and answers. Apparently it is "a new convenient size" So why have we had an old inconvenient size for 50 years? Why is A5 NOW convenient when A4 was the norm all those years? Flummoxed of Fuengirola.
Contributed by Mike Turner on 14-Feb-2012 18:02
‎1. I wondered the same thing last week when I got my new one
2. BT bill payers presumably
3. Agreed (although I immediately recycled mine so presumably that's environmentally friendly)
4. See answer 1 above
5. LOL
Contributed by Norman Feiner on 14-Feb-2012 16:36
Well that's a relief for all BT's loyal advertisers Massimo....

Contributed by Massimo Luciani on 14-Feb-2012 16:35

My mom still uses the phone book. :)
Contributed by Nicola Gaughan on 14-Feb-2012 16:15
Never bother advertising in yellow pages now.

The only time i did i got no business but loads of agencies trying to 'sell' me stuff - lol
Contributed by Helen Stothard on 14-Feb-2012 16:14
Cant remember the last time I saw a phone book! Goes straight in recycling box from memory, and I never look at a yellow pages, thats what Google is for
Contributed by Ian R McAllister on 14-Feb-2012 16:14
They don't need anyone to read it, they just need to sell advertising space! In fact, distributing the darned thing costs money, so if they could cut that cost out, then they would be more profitable.'s pitch these days is around it being the UK's second most used website, not on the printed version, although that's one of their 2 best margin products. The second is easy websites for SME's
Contributed by Robert Craven on 14-Feb-2012 15:10
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