30-Aug-2010 16:13

Are you an entrepreneur?

Could it be that 'fear' would appear to be the principle reason holding back many from becoming self-employed, bosses & entrepreneurs… (are they all one and the same?)

However, this 'fear' may stem from a variety of differing factors.

The very real fears of failure, rejection, monetary loss, familial limitations, job satisfaction, reliability, lethargy, comfort & safety nets, lack of chutzpah, the inability to plan or see ahead and inexperience…

Perhaps I may mention that the vast majority of the entrepreneurs I know who work independently & own/started/took over their businesses & are solely answerable to themselves, rarely regret their choice of action.

Sure, tough times and disappointments arrive, there are troughs of highs and lows, periods of healthy liquidity & otherwise but ultimately the satisfactions in creating your own niche, forging a career & generating growth, success and financial stability is truly energising…

SO, are you ‘entrepreneur’ material…?

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Contributed by Kelly Chester on 08-Jan-2011 18:23
Thanks for a great article.
Fear of faliur is not what puts me off, as being dyslexic I have to retake my exams over and over again and feel a big achievemnet when I finally pass. Mine was having the sucurity of a job to pay the mortgage, but it does not give the satisfaction of working for yourself. It is fantastic once you take that leap and get out of the comfort zone. It has taken me six years of retraining and building a strong network and now I am ready to take that big leap into the unknown.
Contributed by Tristan Titeux on 08-Jan-2011 18:22
Fear of failure I think has to be at the top for many people, I say if there is something you don't like doing, do it and do it first, then you will realise it is actually no big deal. Life and business is a never ending game were you never stop learning. I love to learn new things and discover new ways to do things, if you do just what feels comfortable you will never progress. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you don't want to do something, don't think too much about it but just be really honest and you will find the answer, then do something about it, don't procrastinate, make a plan and carry it out and start straight away however small a step you first take.
Contributed by Chema Herrera on 08-Sep-2010 10:30
Being an entrepreneur is to be made of another material.
I think of me or my friends that one day they decided to take that step toward solitude, that space where you are the first that takes the blows, and usually the last to receive the kisses of success. I'm extremely happy for the material as I did and that life with her experience has been forged, leading to a aleacción resilient, able to accompany each action.
The family is very supportive, and when you achieve a small success, you're just happy as an entrepreneur is good at it because he alone knows what it has cost so.

Thanks for your article because I remembered I'm not alone
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