17-Feb-2012 12:34

Reduced Rates to Mobiles on Their Way?

Apparently the UK's Competition Commission has proposed that cuts to the cost of landline calls to mobiles should happen a little quicker…

Ofcom ruled last year that the fees charged by mobile operators for calls on its network should fall by 80% over the next four years.

Rates have indeed been reduced but the process has been held up by legal action.

However, Vodafone warned that any cuts would mean increased costs for PAYG users.

What they haven’t noticed however, although our many loyal & satisfied business and residential clients are appreciative, is that our SimplyFone rates on all calls, i.e. to UK landlines, mobiles and all International destinations, are still far, far lower than almost every UK telecom provider…

The fees mobile phone firms charge rivals for handling calls from their networks - also known as mobile termination rates (MTRs) - are regarded by some as excessively high. Last year Ofcom reduced the charge from an average of 4.18p to 2.66p and wants to see it fall to just 0.69p by 2015.

But the process has been held up by appeals lodged by Vodafone, Everything Everywhere and O2, who argue that the cuts are too aggressive.

If the forecast cuts do go ahead, mobile companies will be out of pocket by as much as £800m a year & Vodafone warned that the loss of revenue would have to be passed on to customers.

So, decision time then for all of you out there...

Do you prefer to continue supporting & contributing to the enormous profits earned by companies like BT & Vodafone, or rather act sensibly and join SimplyFone for all your outgoing landline & mobile calls and reduce “your” outgoings instead!

At SimplyFone we believe we have the answer :)

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Contributed by Steve Hall on 17-Feb-2012 12:41
Look around - get the best deal for YOU. I know people who are paying FIVE times more than I am for the same service in Spain. I use xxxxxx and they believe they are umbilically linked to the ex national monopoly here in Spain - Telefónica. Go figure!
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