21-Feb-2012 14:34

Are You Making Someone Else Very Wealthy Indeed?

As most reading this blog online are only too aware, Social Networking sites abound…

Overall, the undoubted winner, both in user-numbers, turnover and profits, is Facebook, with Twitter the peoples’ champion in the ‘instant news and fast updates’ category. Linkedin remains a popular business network & job-searching site and Google+, which appears to be the social network we all join & then wonder what the heck we are doing there and what to do on it next.., is desperately trying to get a foothold on that auspicious ladder.

There appears to be a fresh-faced challenger on the block now too, Pinterest, a visual network where members share images & feelings & thoughts, apparently still mainly the fairer sex, on a virtual pin-board.

However, have you ever stopped to consider why & how, you & I, are so willing to provide information, give away so much personal data & post private musings for free?

Would you provide all this info if you were randomly stopped in the street by a chap with a survey board, moustache & questionnaire?

Would you tell an unknown individual your innermost thoughts & then allow him, or even support him, to publicise this worldwide?

So why do you/ we/ I /all of us give away masses of private information about yourself, your friends & your interests on Facebook, your personal pictures on Flickr, your novel ideas & even more pictures on the new Pinterest & then, possibly if you can be bothered, copy/paste the same stuff straight onto your Google+ page(s)?

….and all the while the contented owners of these websites & Social Networking companies sit comfortably in their armchairs softly rubbing their hands with glee, because the content, your content, my content, our content & all those tens of thousands of anonymous contributions makes them increasingly prosperous - not you, nor me, nor indeed any of us!

Ever thought about it?


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Contributed by Steve Hall on 21-Feb-2012 16:42
The challenge now is to know WHERE to spend one´s time.

Do I regard time spent on FB a "time investment", "prospecting", "building reputation" or whatever. I can ask that question of literally 100s of sites.To have a clear conscience, I try to separate what is "work" and what is "social" ,,,,, and fail.
No sweat, I love you all.
Contributed by Lawrence Perry on 21-Feb-2012 16:21
Stop watching Eastenders and you will lower the ratings won't you?

TV media is still the highest rated
Contributed by Cornelis de Maijer on 21-Feb-2012 16:20
Maybe I make some one rich but is it important to me? they set it up, we use it (most of the time for free) they get advertisers to pay for it and make money on it because we "demand" increasing speed and useability, better design.
If you would advertise the old way in the printed media the same applies, they make money because you want to sell but you hardly know what your ROI is on the money spend with them. It feels like chicken-egg discussion...euhhhh how many minutes boiled? :)
Contributed by Lawrence Perry on 21-Feb-2012 14:50
Interesting Norman about the use of Media online, and the forum for posting it on.

I visit facebook once or twice a day, but I spend more time on reading the Times newspaper some days, though I get it regularly.

Just where do you spend your time everyday?
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