31-Aug-2010 17:18

I'm the last guy to offer sales advice, but…

...this week I was requested by some of my agents & re-sellers to give a pep-talk to a group who felt that sales were stagnating and new enquiries slowing down.

Actually, sales volumes have not slowed at all - quite the reverse - but the fresh orders & Application Forms were increasingly sent in by several active agents and re-sellers rather than across the board.

My remit was to give them a buzz, shake 'em up, try to invigorate the guys, and get the old sales juices flowing once more…

In my 'talk' I decided to propose six points upon which to focus their teams:

• Market Research - focus on the correct target market and client
• Approach - evaluate the products most conducive to the clients' needs
• Engagement - concentrate on improving customer/vendor interaction
• Motivation - develop a performance culture to increase competition and sales
• Development - examine sales systems, processes and people
• Compensation - reward success and individual contributions

Unsure yet if my 90 minute presentation was of any benefit but they seemed receptive and invigorated - only time will tell, eh.. ;-)


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