05-Apr-2012 11:34

Free 0800 Calls from Mobiles?

Calls to (freephone) 0800 numbers could be free from UK mobiles in a bid to tackle confusion over the costs. Most 0800 phone calls currently cost mobile callers about 20p per minute.

But, under Ofcom proposals, these could soon be free from mobiles too…

The idea is part of a plan to clarify costs for residential and business users calling businesses, public services and other organisations on numbers starting 03x, 08x, 09x and 118x.

Unless they are using BT lines, callers are unable to tell how much they are being charged and can unwittingly run up large bills.

Indeed, Watchdog Consumer Focus said, many people thought the calls were already free.

Ofcom aims to make a final decision on the new rules by early next year.

SimplyFone already provide an option: Our mobile-override service, has been available for some years, - - & supports free calls (and massively reduced International calls) from any registered UK mobile for 1000’s of our clients…

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Contributed by Steve Hall on 05-Apr-2012 11:45
Calls to 0800 USED to be free for all Orange and 121 (as it was then users). This created a huge loophole where 3rd party operators used 0800 numbers as an access number and took the call off the Orange/121 platform and on to theirs! This meant that instead of paying a mind-numbing 50p per minute on an Orange PAYG, users could pay 5,2p to call about the UK ..........or pretty much ANY country in the world! (Vodafone and Cellnet charged for the access)

It was great business for us. I sold 1000s of Orange PAYG phones with this service "added" and literally millions (2,1 million to be exact)of these services in between 1996/1999. Happy day I will go back to work!
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