09-Apr-2012 12:20

Money Wasted or Money Well-Spent?

Economists at the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) say, "every Bank Holiday costs UK economy £2.3bn in lost productivity".

We say money well-spent & great ROI when you see your staff return invigorated, rested, on fire & raring to go once more!

Discuss :)

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Contributed by John Paul on 09-Apr-2012 19:01
I'd say a well earned holiday is worth it's weight in gold.

Sometimes when working long or intensively a break is needed to step back and recalibrate, otherwise you can drive yourself down a hole. That benefits generally - unless the returning holiday maker is unable to slip back into their rhythm.
I've personally found towards the end of a break I'm looking forward to focusing on something and being productive again.
Contributed by Ian R McAllister on 09-Apr-2012 12:29
Daftest, stupidest survey conclusion that I have seen in ages! What would be the cost in stress and lost relationships? Many human things have more value than money
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