25-Apr-2012 11:34

What the…! Drought Status You Say?

Look out your window and watch the heavy rains fall…

Many parts of the world survive & thrive on levels of rain that are a tiny proportion of the rain levels we’ve all experienced in the last weeks - indeed seemingly since the UK ‘hose-pipe bans’ were set in place…

Apparently, and to no one’s real surprise, the Environment Agency has today issued eight new flood warnings in South-West England drought areas.

They said the Rivers Coley, Upper and Lower Axe, Char, Upper and Lower Otter, Taw and Wriggle were likely to break their banks after a week of heavy rain & unlucky residents have been told to take "immediate action" to protect themselves and their property. The weather experts forecast 40mm (1.6in) of rain on Wednesday, with flash floods & heavy showers across the whole of the UK for the rest of the week...

Have we all gone bonkers?

We obediently sit happily by and meekly accept & allow official ‘drought-orders’ & ‘drought-status’ without questioning why exactly the UK, whilst suffering rather heavy rains and surrounded by large bodies of water, are still in drought status!?

We know that after 18 months of dry weather only prolonged periods of rain will be able to replenish ground water, but come on people… it’s not only blooming pouring out there but we’re an island surrounded by water!

And if as stated, "…with dry soils most of the rain will be soaked up - or, worse still, run off quickly if the surface is compacted, causing flash floods", why exactly can’t we cope?

Don’t shout too loudly, but could it possibly be official mismanagement, old drainage systems, enormous wastage through old pipes and antiquated infrastructure and the (UK’s typical system of private utility companies) low investment & high profit mantra causing ‘drought conditions?

Hmmm… as a nation, why don’t we complain more or is no one listening anyway?

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Contributed by Paul Norman on 25-Apr-2012 14:15
Mis-management, etc, yes, for sure.
Of course.
And horrific planning errors, failing totally to instal the appropriate infrastructure whilst housing stock grows, especially in the South East.

But let's also be honest here. Monumental waste by you, the consumer of water. I drive past people watering their lawns, just so they have been a fine rich green. Washing their cars with a hose. Filling their swimming pool.

Are we expecting the authorities to provide enough water for us all to do these things?

I am personally unaffected by the hose pipe bans. Partly because I live in the North East, and partly because I almost never need a hose pipe.
Contributed by Sam Simons on 25-Apr-2012 11:47
You are sooooo right!

makes my blood boil to see this rainwater wasted by beaurocracy & private profiteering...

as you say 'bonkes'

an angry Sam!
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