02-Sep-2010 17:38

Move to VoIP or stay with traditional solutions?

Increasingly, companies are looking at VoIP services, including call routing, and these areas are showing fine growth with a few high-profile company successes.

However, for many/most companies - both SMEs and larger organisations (and indeed small businesses and individuals) there are important factors to bear in mind.

If you are looking at VoIP services you must ensure that your bandwidth is of sufficient scale & required quality.
If incorrect bandwidth is deployed, problems will occur.

Call quality and other services will prove poor and will almost certainly be a retrograde step.

Many are correctly worried that new VoIP & SIP technologies cannot deliver on its promises.

SIP & VoIP is fully reliant on the quality of your network.
The new services are literally only as good as the network providing them & if your provider is offering these solutions purely over a home broadband connection you may be in for quite a shock.

Sufficient bandwidth is the key…

For the moment at least, do not simply disregard traditional calls and lines products.
Traditional providers of LCR; CPS & WLR services can and do still compete extremely favourably on price, quality, converged services, ease of use and accessibility…

If anyone is considering moving to VoIP or just wants to receive our honest opinion on whether they could save money and streamline their current telecoms set-up, reduce their line rentals or simply requires any telecoms advice - please email us on: or call us today on: Freephone 0800 619 2626

Happy to help.. ;-)


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