26-Apr-2012 10:00

Ever Tried SMS Marketing For Your Biz?

Yep, have you considered Bulk SMS/Text Marketing for your business?

Seemingly many B2B businesses are missing out on the advantages of SMS marketing and the powerful links it may provide.

Users relate that SMS messaging has far greater reach & acceptance than any other B2B marketing medium.

Consider how easy and how common it is for your email marketing to be swallowed up by spam or junk filters, completely ignored by the recipient or simply deleted upon receipt.

However, SMS marketing doesn’t suffer from these indignities as most people carry their phones close - 24/7.

Surveys show that 95%+ of SMS messages are actually read by the recipient and happily within the first 15 minutes of receipt of the text!

Integrity dictates that mobile data should not be abused, but, if/when a client or potential client passes you their mobile number; they are providing an invitation into their private domain…

So How Can You Utilise This Marketing Tool:

Using the tools that Bulk SMS providers like us ( offer - for free; it is simple to create, personalise and manage an SMS marketing list, just as you manage your email list.

These tools allow you to gather and manage your database of mobile numbers, create SMS campaigns, set up trigger messages, and manage unsubscribed numbers too.

So Who Can Benefit:

SMS marketing is the best way to promote and advise and control time-sensitive product information, delivery confirmations, and service-related messages to your audience.

The most popular type of SMS marketing message is the service message. Sending out reminders or appointment times, directions, delivery schedules, order confirmations and stock level updates are just a few of the service-type SMS messages that B2B customers love to receive.

Can You Brand It:

Exactly as you would using an email marketing tool, your SMS text messages can appear with your company name or indeed the identity of your choice.

Instead of just appearing with your mobile (or landline) response number, you can use a custom-made Sender ID to achieve instant recognition of your brand & your product or service when you send a text message.

Using an option like a custom Sender ID is perfect for messages that don't require a reply.

B2B SMS marketing remains the swiftest & possibly the cheapest way for B2B marketers to reach out to customers and common acceptance of text messages means that, unlike mobile apps and websites and printed literature, your desired message will reach your customers’ mobile phones - no matter where they may be and what they’re doing…

Interested? Thought you may be...

Go for it – contact us on 020 31919 555 or email or see our website above this blog:

Best of luck with all your marketing.


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Contributed by Norman Feiner on 26-Apr-2012 19:38
Probably yes...

Contributed by Nic Oliver on 26-Apr-2012 19:38
I get extremely p****d off by SMS marketing. I find it very intrusive and refuse to buy from anyone who uses it.

Am I alone in this feeling?
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