25-Jun-2012 10:24

Ofcom Announce Measures to Boost Business Telecoms

Telecoms regulator Ofcom last week announced fresh proposals to meet the growing demand for "fast data services” for businesses, as well as ISPs and consumers.

The new publication, entitled ‘The Business Connectivity Market Review', takes a looks at the wholesale market for leased lines, currently worth around £2bn.

BT is the largest leased line service provider at the moment and the Ofcom proposals include the maintenance and extension of "existing regulations” on the telecoms company.

However, in London, BT faces tougher competition from other providers, so it's proposed that regulation is lighter for the company in the UK capital.

The suggested measure will help to ensure healthy competition in the telecoms market, as well as reduce monopolisation, something which some of the other large telecoms companies have complained about.

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